Time Required:
5 hours total

What is an FDG SPECT study?
FDG SPECT studies are "pictures" that show the live heart muscle and are usually done on patients who may have had a "heart attack".

Why do I need a FDG SPECT study?
Your doctor needs to know how much live heart muscle in relation to permanently damaged muscle is left to benefit from angioplasty or surgery.

How do I prepare for my FDG SPECT study?
You must have nothing to eat or drink anything after midnight the night before the test. DO NOT take insulin the morning of your test. Your doctor may also tell you to withhold other medications.

What can I expect during the test?
You will be in the outpatient observation unit.

A nurse will start an I.V. line and will check your blood sugar. You will then be given "sugar water" to drink and your blood sugar will be checked periodically. When your blood sugar is maintained at the desired level, you will be injected with the FDG imaging agent. Your blood sugar may be rechecked after the FDG. Some patients will need an I.V. dose of "sugar solution" and insulin. The nurse will do this if instructed by the nuclear medicine physician. Some patients will go to the Nuclear Cardiology Department to walk on the treadmill and will have another injection while on the treadmill.

Approximately one hour after the FDG injection, you will have "pictures" made of your heart. You must lie very still for the pictures. You will be asked to hold your left arm above your head resting on a pillow for a 30 minute picture. If this is impossible, let the nurse know before your test is started.

What do I do after my FDG spect study?
After your "pictures" are done, your I.V. line will be disconnected and you will be ready to go. You may need someone to drive you as the "sugar water" and other medications may make you feel dizzy. You will get the results from your doctor.

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