Gallium Scan

Time Required:
Day One: 30 minutes
Day Two: 1 hour

What is a gallium scan?
This is a test performed by the Nuclear Medicine Department to check for infection, inflammation or tumors in the body. The test takes approximately one hour.

Why do I need a gallium scan?
You may need a gallium scan to determine the source of infection, inflammation or presence of tumors in your body.

How do I prepare for my gallium scan?
There is no special preparation required. First the technologist will inject a radioactive medicine called Gallium-67 into a vein of the hand or arm, and he will instruct you regarding the timing of the scans which will follow the next day. You are free to continue your regular routine, including eating your meals as usual until you are scheduled back for the scans.

What can I expect during the test?
You will be asked to lie on your back on the examining table. A special machine will be placed very close over your body, which will begin to scan up and down your body taking pictures. This machine will detect the radioactive medicine which was injected into your body earlier. Each picture usually takes about 20 minutes, and the number of pictures taken depends on the areas of your body the doctor wishes to observe. You must lie very still for these pictures to be accurate and clear.

What do I do after my gallium scan?
The nuclear medicine physician will study and interpret your pictures. The results of the test will be sent to your referring doctor. There should be no discomfort or problems as a result of this test.

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