Time Required:
1 1/2 hrs.

What is a MUGA?
A MUGA is a test which will allows the doctor to see your heart contractions. It will tell him/her if the contractions are normal or not. It will also tell if your heart is "pumping" enough blood.

Why do I need a MUGA?
Your doctor needs to know about the "wall motion" of your heart. These are sometimes done frequently on patients receiving chemotherapy to be sure that their heart is still in good condition.

How do I prepare for my MUGA?
You do not have to do anything to prepare for this test. However, some of your blood will be taken and then mixed with a small amount of radioactive medicine. Your blood will then be reinjected back to you.

What can I expect during the test?
The technologist will put in an IV and draw your blood. After adding it to the radioactive medicine and allowing it to properly "tag" (this takes about 30 minutes), your blood is given back to you. You will lie on a table, have electrodes put on your chest and have several pictures taken. You must lie very still.

What do I do after my MUGA?
The IV and electrodes will be removed. You will then be free to leave after the pictures are taken. You will receive your test results from your doctor.

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