Parathyroid Imaging

Time Required:
First Part: 30 minutes
Second Part: 45 minutes

What is parathyroid scan?
A parathyroid scan is a study showing the thyroid gland and the parathyroid glands, which are glands in your neck that are responsible for calcium metabolism.

Why do I need a parathyroid scan?
A parathyroid scan is used to detect and localize parathyroid tumors, which are an abnormality associated with the parathyroid gland.

How do I prepare for my parathyroid scan?
No special preparation is required for a parathyroid scan, however, it is important not to move during the scan because the results may not be clear.

What can I expect during the test?
When you come in for your scan, a technologist will give you a capsule used to image your glands. A few hours later when you come back, you will be given an injection. While your neck is under the camera, the technologist will take pictures of your glands.

What do I do after my parathyroid scan?
No special requirements after the scan. You are free to leave and will get your results from your physician.

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