Quantitative lung scan (V/Q)

Time Required:
1 hour

What is a quantitative lung scan?
This is a test which measures lung capacity within the two lungs.

Why do I need a quantitative lung scan?
A quantitative lung scan is done to determine the amount of work each lung is doing and the percent of total air each lung is handling.

How do I prepare for my quantitative lung scan?
There is no special preparation for this test. You must have had a pulmonary function test done also. The laboratory values obtained from that test are used in the quantitative portion of this test.

What can I expect during the test?
During the first part of the study, a clip will be placed on your nose and you will be asked to breathe through your mouth into a tubing. This lasts approximately seven minutes. During the second part of the test, a small amount of isotope is injected in the veins and a series of pictures of the lungs are taken. After you finish, the technologist performs computations with the computer to get results of your lung volume in milliliters.

What do I do after my quantitative lung scan?
There are no special instructions. You may return to your normal activities. You will get the results from your physician.

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