Renal Flow/Scan

Time Required:
Regular: 45 minutes
Drug Enhanced: 105 minutes

What is a renal flow/scan?
A nuclear medicine examination done to study the function and blood flow to the kidneys. The test will check how well the kidneys are working by watching the kidneys fill and empty into the bladder.

Why do I need a renal flow/scan?
To determine if your kidneys are filling and emptying as they should and whether or not they have normal blood flow.

How do I prepare for my renal flow/scan?
Bring a list of all the medicines you have been taking during the past 48 hours. Drink 32 ounces of fluids before the examination time.

What can I expect during the test?
You will lie on a special table with a camera underneath. You will be given an injection and asked to lie still for 20-25 minutes while pictures are taken. Sometimes other medications are given to alter the blood flow. When this occurs, the time will be lengthened by one hour.

What do I do after my renal flow/scan?
The nuclear medicine doctor will read the scan and send the results to your referring doctor, who will give you the results.

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