Thyroid Cancer Evaluation

Time Required:
Day One: 1 1/2 hours
Day Two: 1 1/2 hours

What is a thyroid cancer evaluation?
This is a series of pictures taken to check if your thyroid cancer is located anywhere else in your body. It will also determine if there is any thyroid tissue remaining in your neck after your surgery.

Why do I need this evaluation?
Your doctor needs the evaluation to help properly plan for any further treatment.

How do I prepare for my thyroid cancer evaluation?
You must not take any thyroid medication for two weeks prior to your evaluation. If you are female in the child-bearing age and have not had a hysterectomy or your "tubes tied", you will have to have a pregnancy test. This will be done by our laboratory prior to the dose of radioactive iodine on day one of your test.

What can I expect during the evaluation?
This evaluation takes two days.
On day one, you will talk to the nuclear medicine personnel. He/she will have all of your records and will calculate the proper radioactive dosage for you. It takes approximately one hour for your capsule to arrive after it is ordered. At this point, you are free to go to the cafeteria or walk around. After about one hour, you will return to the Nuclear Medicine area and swallow the capsule. You will be told when to return for the pictures.
On day two, you will return to the hospital and have your pictures made. This will take about two hours. On some occasions, you must return another day for more pictures. The technologist will let you know if you need to return another day.

What do I do after my thyroid cancer evaluation?
After the pictures are taken, you are free to leave. You will receive your test results from your doctor.

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